In Who’s Hiding in This Book? I want to convey that the classics are for EVERYONE, and that ANYONE can become a classic author.


I have loved working on this book because it bridges my professional and personal lives. In my day job, I teach classic literature to college students at Boston University. When I come home, I read books to my two young children. 


I’ve seen firsthand how receptive children can be when parents share stimulating material with them. This, to me, seemed like an ideal time to take advantage of both kids’ and parents’ curiosity, and why not start with some of the most fascinating authors and their compelling stories?


While writing this book, I had a lot of fun revisiting some of my favorite classic authors and choosing interesting tidbits about their lives to share with children, along with a sampling of the most dynamic scenes from their works. 


And since so many parents and caregivers devote hours reading to young children, I thought, why not stimulate them as well? The guide in the back of the book provides further biographical information, additional resources, as well as fun conversation starters to further discussions about great literature with young readers.  


I hope you will join me in my belief that we are never too young—or too old—to enjoy well-loved classics and diverse new ones!

Who's Hiding in This Book? Preliminary Cover.jpg